Military Field Training Manuals

It has been reported that there are approximately 540+ Field Manuals (FM's) in use and circulation in the military armed forces today and well over 5,000 Technical Manuals (TM's). Why spend hours searching all over the internet for manuals. Rather than you having to do multiple searches going to multiple web sites just to find that particular manual or related set of manuals you may need, we have gathered and compiled for your convenience every available related field manual or technical manual that are specific for varied military tasks and subjects, such as Military Sniper Training, Survival, Infantry Training, Medical Training and Police Training and much, much more. They are then ready for you to either download or order on a CD in an easy to read and navigate format.

We also have a large library of aviation manuals including a complete set of repair and maintenance manuals for the AH-64 Apache Helicopter, AH-1 Series Helicopters, OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter, UH Series Helicopters and the famous UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter.

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In addition we also have over 30 firearm and firearms related subjects, such as AK-47, Colt M1911, SKS Rifle, M1 Garand, AR15 Rifle, M107 Sniper Rifle, Gunsmithing and Construction and 100's of gun diagrams. Everything you wanted to know about that favorite gun is available at your fingertips with the click of your mouse.

We also have available over 50 Military Vehicle collections on just about any military vehicle made including all the service and maintenance manuals related to that vehicle. You'll find CD's on M54A1/A2 Truck 5-Ton 6X6 Series, M35A3 Trucks, M151 MUTT Jeeps, M939 Trucks, M1070 Truck Tractor, M1078 Trucks and more

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Black Ops Mercenary

Black Ops Mercenary Training Information

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Black Ops Mercenary