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We have available on eMilitary Manuals a huge collection of Military Manuals on related subjects. Rather than you having to do multiple searches all over the internet going to multiple web sites just to find that particular manuals you may need, we have gathered and compiled for your convenience every available related field manual or technical manual that are specific for varied military tasks and subjects. These related manuals have been conveniently correlated in and easy to read and navigate format that is available in either download or CD form.


We also have collections of firearm manuals on specific firearms such as AK-47, Colt M1911, SKS, M1 Garand and over 15 others. we also have over 50 Military Vehicle collections on just about any military vehicle made.

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The Individual Soldier
M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle .50 Caliber

M929 5-Ton 6X6 Series Trucks
Navy Seabee Combat

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