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Army Corps of Engineers Regulations

Army Corps of Engineers Regulations
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ER 1-1-11 Progress, Schedules, and Network Analysis Systems
ER 1-1-25 Command Visits
ER 1-2-2 Water Resources Policies and Authorities Substantive Congressional Contacts (RCS: CECW-P-21)
ER 5-1-9 Assignment and Transfer of Project Responsibilities
ER 5-1-10 Corps-wide Area of Work Responsibility
ER 5-1-11 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Business Process
ER 5-1-13 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Policy on Regional Business Centers (RBCs)
ER 10-1-1 Mission and Command Organization of the Chief of Engineers
ER 10-1-2 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Division and District Offices
ER 10-1-5 Mississippi River Commission
ER 10-1-7 Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors
ER 10-1-16 U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Board
ER 10-1-23 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources
ER 10-1-25 U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
ER 10-1-26 U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories
ER 10-1-40 Directory Charts, Position Charts and Statements of Functions
ER 10-1-45 U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Center (TEC)
ER 10-1-47 U.S. Army Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity
ER 11-1-30 USACE Internal Management Control Program
ER 11-1-320 Civil Works Emergency Management Programs
ER 11-1-321 Army Programs Value Engineering
ER 11-2-201 Civil Works Activities - Funding, Work Allowances, and Reprogramming (RCS: CECW-B-11)
ER 11-2-220 Civil Works Activities General Investigation (RCS: DAEN-CWB-12)
ER 11-2-240 Civil Works Activities - Construction & Design (RCS: DAEN-CWB-20)
ER 11-2-290 Civil Works Activities, General Expenses (RCS: DAEN-CWB-20)
ER 15-1-10 Career Planning Board
ER 15-1-16 USACE Human Resources Development Steering Committee
ER 15-1-21 Cost Contract Management Evaluation Team
ER 15-1-22 Corps of Engineers Engineer Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (EFARS) Committee
ER 15-1-25 USACE Facilities Standardization Committee
ER 15-1-26 Corps of Engineers SES Incentive Awards Committee
ER 15-1-29 Construction Contractor Performance Review Team Functions
ER 15-1-36 Committee on Cost Engineering
ER 15-1-38 Corps of Engineers Real Estate Automation Oversight Committee
ER 15-1-41 Corps of Engineers Specifications Steering Committee (CSSC)
ER 15-1-43 United States Army Corps of Engineers Acquisition Corporate Group
ER 15-2-2 Boards, Commissions, and Committees - Foreign-Trade Zones -- Establishment, Operationaintenance and Administration
ER 15-2-12 Corps of Engineers Committee for the Negotiation of Labor Agreement with the Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn.(MEBA) and International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMMP)
ER 15-2-13 Mississippi River Water Control Management Board
ER 15-2-14 Committees on Tidal Hydraulics, Channel Stabilization, Water Quality and Hydrology
ER 25-1-2 Life Cycle Management of Automated Information Systems (AIS)
ER 25-1-8 The Community of Practice in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ER 25-1-30 Compact DISC-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)
ER 25-1-50 Official Mail Cost Control Program
ER 25-1-70 Corps of Engineers Automation Plan Objective IA(CEAP-IA) Command, Control and Management
ER 25-1-74 Electronic Mail
ER 25-1-90 Visual Information
ER 25-1-91 USACE Digital Visual Library
ER 25-1-96 Corps of Engineers Library Program
ER 25-1-98 Publications in the Federal Register (FR)
ER 25-1-99 Management and Use of Corpsweb
ER 25-1-101 USACE Electronic Phone Book
ER 25-1-106 Information Technology Capital Planning and Investment Management
ER 25-2-1 Annual Report of the Secretary of the Army on Civil Works Activities (RCS: CONG-1006)
ER 25-345-1 Systems Operation and Maintenance Documentation
ER 27-1-1 Claims, Litigation, and Procurement Fraud
ER 27-2-2 Procedures for Implementation and Enforcement of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys
ER 37-1-18 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sponsored and Co-sponsored Meetings
ER 37-1-21 Payment and Reporting of Interest Penalties Prompt Payment Act (PL 97-177) CH 1-2
ER 37-1-24 Operating Budgets
ER 37-1-26 Issuance and Acceptance of Project Orders
ER 37-1-27 Engineer Reporting Organization Codes (EROC)
ER 37-1-28 Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA)
ER 37-1-29
Change 1
Financial Administration - Financial Management of Capital Investments
ER 37-1-30 Financial Administration - Accounting and Reporting
ER 37-1-31 Financial Administration - Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Executing Operations
ER 37-2-10
Accounting and Reporting Civil Works Activities CH 1-89
ER 37-2-15 Civil Works Appropriations Budget Supporting Data (RCS: CERM-B-13)
ER 37-2-16 Corps of Engineers, Civil - Apportionment (RCS: CERM-B-4) ENG 4699-R
ER 37-2-18 Collection of Project Funds for Operation of Hydrologic Programs
ER 37-3-22 Financial Administration - Carryover Supervision and Administration (S&A)
ER 37-345-10 Accounting and Reporting - Military Activities CH 1-52
ER 37-5-3 EPA/Corps Superfund Program - Financial Closeout of IAG
ER 55-1-2 Transportation and Travel Management
ER 56-2-1 Administrative Vehicles Management - Civil Works
ER 56-3-1 Motor Vehicle Registration and Inventory (RCS: CSGLD-1608)
ER 70-1-5 Corps of Engineers Research and Development Program
ER 70-1-12 In-House Laboratory Independent Research Program
ER 70-2-5 Remote Sensing Coordinators' Responsibilities
ER 70-3-9 Management and Execution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Military Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Program
ER 95-1-1 Control and Use of Aircraft CH 1-2
ER 140-1-2 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Program
ER 190-1-50 Law Enforcement Policy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ER 190-1-51 USACE Physical Security Program
ER 200-1-1 Policy and General Requirements for the Environmental Innovative Technology Program
ER 200-1-4 Environmental Compliance Policies-Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) - Site Designation, Remediation Scope, and Recovering Costs
ER 200-1-5 Policy for Implementation and Integrated Application of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Environmental Operating Principles (EOP) and Doctrine
ER 200-2-2 Procedures for Implementing NEPA
ER 200-2-3 Environmental Compliance Policies
ER 200-3-1 Environmental Quality - Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Program Policy
ER 210-3-2 Army Range Programs
ER 350-1-416 Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (HQUSACE) Centrally and Locally Sponsored Long-Term Training (LTT) Program
ER 350-1-419 Performance Evaluation - Planners and Project Managers Program - Water Resources Support Center
ER 350-1-420 5-Year IDP and Development Assignments
ER 350-2-411 Training and Development Program for Hopper and Sidecasting Dredge Cadets
ER 350-3-3 USACE/USMA/ROTC Cadet Training Program
ER 350-3-5 Professional Development of First Tour USACE Officers
ER 360-1-1 Public Affairs
ER 360-1-2 Unified Visual Communication System
ER 360-2-25 Proposed Advertising Schedule of Civil Works Contracts
ER 380-1-18 Technology Transfer, Disclosure of Information and Contacts with Foreign Representatives
ER 385-1-6 Standard Color and Markings for Hard Hats
ER 385-1-31 The Control of Hazardous Energy
ER 385-1-40 Occupational Health Program
ER 385-1-80 Radiological Safety
ER 385-1-85 Safety and Occupational Health Program Management Evaluation
ER 385-1-86 Government Employee Diving Operations
ER 385-1-89 Hearing Conservation Program
ER 385-1-90 Respiratory Protection Program
ER 385-1-91 Training, Testing, and Licensing of Boat Operators
ER 385-1-92 Safety and Occupational Health Requirements for Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Activities
ER 385-1-95
Safety and Health Requirements for Munitionsand Explosives of Concern (MEC) Operations
ER 385-1-96 USACE Ergonomics Program Policy
ER 385-1-98 Safety and Occupational Health - FUSRAP Accident Reporting Policy
ER 405-1-1020 Records and Reports - Leasehold (RCS: DAEN-RE-8 (R4))
ER 415-1-10 Contractor Submittal Procedures CH 1
ER 415-1-11 Biddability, Constructibility, Operability, and Environmental Review
ER 415-1-13 Design and Construction Evaluation (DCS) CH 1
ER 415-1-15 Construction Time Extensions for Weather
ER 415-1-16 Fiscal Management
ER 415-1-17 Contractor Performance Evaluations
ER 415-2-4 Corps Support for EPA Construction Grants Program
Change 1
ER 415-2-100 Staffing for Civil Works Projects
ER 415-345-13 Financial Closeout
ER 415-345-38 Transfer and Warranties
ER 500-1-1 Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources
Civil Emergency Management Program
ER 500-1-2 Corps of Engineers Mobilization and Operations Planning & Execution System (CEMOPES) Theater of Operations (TO)
ER 500-1-18 Corps of Engineers Continuity of Operations Planning System (CECOPS)
ER 500-1-20 USACE R&D and Other Separate FOA Support to Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Emergencies and Disasters
ER 500-1-21 Corps of Engineers Readiness Evaluation System (RCS: DAEN-CWO-17)
ER 500-1-22 Corrective Action Program (CECAP)
ER 500-1-28 Response Planning Guide (Emergency Employment)
ER 500-1-30 Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources: The Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS)
ER 550-1-1 International Agreements
ER 570-2-2 Management of Civil Functions, Civilian Manpower by the Workyear System
ER 670-3-1 Distinctive Unit Insignia and Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for USACE and Regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia for the COE
ER 672-1-18 Incentive Awards
ER 690-1-250 Staff Reviews and Evaluation (RCS: DAEN-PEC-17)
ER 690-1-272 General Provisions
ER 690-1-273 Inspections by Higher Authority
ER 690-1-300 Civilian Personnel - Employment of Relatives
ER 690-1-306 Special Emphasis Program - Individials with Disabilities
ER 690-1-321 Staffing for Civilian Support to Emergency Operations
ER 690-1-401 Certification of Engineering Technicians CH 1
ER 690-1-414 Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT)
ER 690-1-500 Position Management and Classification
ER 690-1-693 Corps of Engineers Early Resolution Program (CEERP)
ER 690-1-701(O) Job Action Contingency Plan
ER 690-1-710 Employee Assistance Program
ER 690-1-711 Labor-Management Relations
ER 690-1-955 Corps of Engineers Real Estate Career Program
ER 690-1-958 Army Civilian Career Program for Engineers and Scientists (Resources and Construction) Changes 1-7
ER 690-1-967 Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program
ER 690-1-1200 Completion, Submission, Approval & Distribution of of the Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certificate of Training and Reimbursement Form (DD Form 1556)
ER 690-1-1203 Corporate Recruitment and Selection
ER 690-1-1205 Property Management (PM) Services
ER 690-1-1206 Time-Limited Promotion
ER 690-1-1207 Home Marketing Incentive Payments
ER 690-1-1208 Reengineering Positions
ER 690-1-1209 Areas of Consideration/Payment of Travel Expenses
ER 690-1-1212 Civilian Personnel - Professional Registration as a Selective Placement Factor
ER 690-1-1213 Civilian Personnel - Re-Employment Rights for Corps of Engineers Employees
ER 690-1-1214 Civilian Personnel - USACE Leadership Development Program (LDP)
ER 700-1-1 USACE Supply Policies and Procedures
ER 715-1-13 Procurement of Diamond Drill Bits and Reaming Shells
ER 715-1-19 Service and Supply Contractor Performance Evaluations
ER 715-1-21 Procurement - Electronic Contract Solicitations
ER 750-1-1 Materiel Maintenance Policies
ER 840-1-1 Use and Display of Flags by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ER 870-1-1 Field Operating Activities Historical Programs
ER 1105-2-100
Planning Guidance Notebook
ER 1105-2-101 Planning - Risk Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies
ER 1110-1-5 Plant Pest Quarantined Areas and Foreign Soil Samples, ENG Form 1743, ENG Form 1743A
ER 1110-1-12 Quality Management
ER 1110-1-260 Fire Protection Engineering Policy
ER 1110-1-261 Quality Assurance of Laboratory Testing Procedures
ER 1110-1-263 Chemical Data Quality Management for Hazardous, Toxic, Radioactive Waste Remedial Activities
ER 1110-1-1001 Standard Survey Disc
ER 1110-1-1300 Cost Engineering Policy and General Requirements
ER 1110-1-1401 Interlaboratory Testing Program for Chemical Analyses
ER 1110-1-1807 Procedures for Drilling in Earth Embankments
ER 1110-1-1901 Project Geotechnical and Concrete Materials Completion Report for Major USACE Projects
ER 1110-1-2002 Cement, Slag, and Pozzolan Acceptance Testing
ER 1110-1-2005 Compilation of Concrete Aggregate and Stone Riprap Test Data
ER 1110-1-8100 Laboratory Investigations and Testing
ER 1110-1-8152 Professional Registration
ER 1110-1-8153 Ordnance and Explosives Response
ER 1110-1-8155 Specifications
ER 1110-1-8156 Policies, Guidance, and Requirements for Geospatial Data and Systems
ER 1110-1-8157 Geotechnical Data Quality Management for Hazardous Waste Remedial Activities
ER 1110-1-8158 Corps-Wide Centers of Expertise Program
ER 1110-1-8159 Engineering and Design, DrChecks
ER 1110-2-1 Provisions for Future Hydropower Installation at Corps of Engineers Projects
ER 1110-2-50 Low Level Discharge Facilities for Drawdown of Impoundments
ER 1110-2-100 Periodic Inspection and Continuing Evaluation of Completed Civil Works Structures
ER 1110-2-101 Reporting of Evidence of Distress of Civil Works Structures (RCS Exempt: AR 335-15, Paragraph 5-2e (8))
ER 1110-2-103 Strong Motion Instrument for Recording Earthquake Motions on Dams
ER 1110-2-109 Hydroelectric Design Center
ER 1110-2-110 Instrumentation for Safety - Evaluations of Civil Works Projects
ER 1110-2-111 Engineering and Design: USACE Bridge Safety Program
ER 1110-2-112 Required Visits to the Construction Sites by Design Personnel
ER 1110-2-240 Water Control Management (Ch 1, 30 Apr 87/Ch 2, 1 Mar 94)
ER 1110-2-241 Use of Storage Allocated for Flood Control and Navigation at Non-Corps Projects
ER 1110-2-248 Requirements for Water Data Transmission Using GOES/DCS
ER 1110-2-249 Management of Water Control Data Systems
ER 1110-2-400 Design of Recreation Sites, Areas and Facilities
ER 1110-2-401 Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, and Rehabilitation Manual for Projects and Separable Elements Managed by Project Sponsors
ER 1110-2-500 Corps/EPA Superfund Program Funding and Reporting Requirements
ER 1110-2-1150 Engineering and Design for Civil Works Projects
ER 1110-2-1155 Dam Safety Assurance Program
ER 1110-2-1156 Dam Safety - Organization, Responsibilities, and Activities
ER 1110-2-1302 Civil Works Cost Engineering,
ER 1110-2-1400 Reservoir/Water Control Centers
ER 1110-2-1403 Studies by Coastal, Hydraulic and Hydrologic Facilities and Others
ER 1110-2-1404 Hydraulic Design of Deep-Draft Navigation Projects
ER 1110-2-1405 Hydraulic Design for Local Flood Protection Projects
ER 1110-2-1406 Coastal Field Data Collection
ER 1110-2-1407 Hydraulic Design for Coastal Shore Protection Projects
ER 1110-2-1450 Hydrologic Frequency Estimates
ER 1110-2-1451 Acquisition of Lands Downstream from Spillways for Hydrologic Safety Purposes
ER 1110-2-1453 Criteria for SPH and PMH Wind Fields
ER 1110-2-1454 Corps Responsibilities for Non-Federal Hydroelectric Power Development under the Federal Power Act
ER 1110-2-1455 Cooperative Stream Gaging Program (RCS: DAEN-CWH-3)
ER 1110-2-1457 Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Navigation
ER 1110-2-1458 Hydraulic Design of Shallow Draft Navigation Projects
ER 1110-2-1460 Hydrologic Engineering Management
ER 1110-2-1462 Water Quality and Water Control Considerations for Non-Federal Hydropower Development at Corps of Engineers Projects
ER 1110-2-1463 Hydrologic Engineering for Hydropower
ER 1110-2-1464 Hydrologic Analysis of Watershed Runoff
ER 1110-2-1802 Reporting Earthquake Effects
ER 1110-2-1806 Earthquake Design & Evaluation of Civil Works Projects
ER 1110-2-1925 Field Control Data for Earth and Rockfill Dams (RCS: ENG CW-E-11 (R1) CH 1-2
ER 1110-2-1941 Drought Contingency Plans
ER 1110-2-1942 Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance of Relief Wells
ER 1110-2-2902 Prescribed Procedures for the Maintenance and Operation of Shore Protection Works
ER 1110-2-4001 Notes on Sedimentation Activities (RCS: DAEN-CWE-12)
ER 1110-2-4401 Clearances for Power & Communication Lines over Reservoirs
ER 1110-2-8151 Monitoring Coastal Projects
ER 1110-2-8152 Planning and Design of Temporary Coffer Dams and Braced Excavation
ER 1110-2-8153 Technical Project Sedimentation Investigations
ER 1110-2-8154 Water Quality and Environmental Management for Corps Civil Works Projects (RCS: DAEN-CWH-4)
ER 1110-2-8155 Hydrometeorological Data Management and Archiving
ER 1110-2-8156 Preparation of Water Control Manuals
ER 1110-2-8157 Responsibility for Hydraulic Steel Structures
ER 1110-2-8159 Life Cycle Design and Performance
ER 1110-3-107 Design of Military Airfield Pavements
ER 1110-3-108 Evaluation of Military Airfield Pavements
ER1110-3-111 Lost Design
ER 1110-3-113 Department of the Army Facilities Standardization Program
ER 1110-3-1300 Military Programs Cost Engineering
ER 1110-3-1301 Cost Engineering Policy Requirements for Hazardous, Toxic Radioactive Waste (HTRW) - Remedial Action Cost Estimate
ER 1110-8-2(FR) Inflow Design Floods for Dams and Resevoirs
ER 1110-34-1 Transportation Systems - Mandatory Center of Expertise
ER 1110-345-53 Structural Steel Connections
ER 1110-345-100 Design Policy for Military Construction
ER 1110-345-122 Interior Design
ER 1110-345-700 Design Analysis, Drawings, and Specifications
ER 1110-345-721 Architect-Engineer Selection and Design Procedures for Medical Facilities
ER 1110-345-723 Systems Commissioning Procedures
ER 1125-2-307 Subsistence - Quarters & Allowance
ER 1125-2-308 Radio Frequency & Call Sign Assignments
ER 1130-2-314 Nondiscrimination of Federally Assisted Programs
ER 1130-2-337 Assignment of Operation and Maintenance Expenses to Proper Cost Accounts for Multiple-Purpose Projects with Power
ER 1130-2-406 Shoreline Management at Civil Works Projects 1
ER 1130-2-445 Civil Works Digital Projects Notebook
ER 1130-2-500
Partners and Support (Work Management Policies)
ER 1130-2-510 Hydroelectric Power Operations and Maintenance Policies
ER 1130-2-520 Navigation and Dredging Operations and Maintenance Policies
ER 1130-2-530 Flood Control Operations and Maintenance Policies
ER 1130-2-540 Environmental Stewardship Operations and Maintenance Guidance and Procedures
ER 1130-2-550 Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies
ER 1140-1-211 Support for Others: Reimbursable Work
ER 1140-3-1 Support to Defense Departments and Agencies
ER 1150-2-301 Policies and Procedures CH 1, ENG Form 1831
ER 1150-2-302 Annual Report on Local Cooperation Agreements (RCS: DAEN-CWO-44)
ER 1165-2-18 Reimbursement for Non-Federal Participation in Civil Works Projects
ER 1165-2-21 Flood Damage Reduction Measures in Urban Areas
ER 1165-2-25 Navigation Policy: Cost Apportionment of Bridge Alterations
ER 1165-2-26 Implementation of Executive Order 11988 on Flood Plain Management
ER 1165-2-27 Establishment of Wetlands Areas in Connection with Dredging
ER 1165-2-29 General Credit for Flood Control
ER 1165-2-30 CH 1 Acceptance and Return of Required, Contributed, or Advanced Funds
ER 1165-2-111 Corps of Engineers Activities under the Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956, as Amended
ER 1165-2-114 Use of Excess Power Revenues to Assist in Repayment of Irrigation Costs
ER 1165-2-117 Responsibility for Costs of Improved Standards in Highway and Housing Relocations
ER 1165-2-118 Federal Participation in Covered Flood Control Channels
ER 1165-2-119 Modifications to Completed Projects
ER 1165-2-120 Reimbursement for Advance Non-Federal Construction of Federally Authorized Harbor and Inland Harbor Improvements
ER 1165-2-121 Flood Control Cost-Sharing Requirements under the Ability-to-Pay Provision - Section 103(m) of PL 99-662
ER 1165-2-122 Studies of Harbor or Inland Harbor Projects by Non-Federal Interests
ER 1165-2-123 Single-Owner Situations
ER 1165-2-124 Construction of Harbor and Inland Harbor Projects by Non-Federal Interests
ER 1165-2-130 Federal Participation in Shore Protection
ER 1165-2-131 Local Cooperation Agreements for New Start Construction Projects
ER 1165-2-132 Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Guidance for Civil Works Projects
ER 1165-2-400 Recreational Planning, Development, and Management Policies, CH 1
ER 1165-2-501 Civil Works Ecosystem Restoration Policy
ER 1165-2-502 Resources, Policies and Authorities: Delegation of Review and Approval Authority for Post-Authorization Decision Documents
ER 1165-2-503 Resources, Policies and Authorities: Office of Management and Budget Clearance for The Questionnaires for U.S. Army Engineer Civil Works Studies and Projects
ER 1180-1-6 Construction Quality Management
ER 1180-1-8 Contracts: Labor Relations
ER 1180-1-9 Design-Build Contracting

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