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Exploded Diagrams Handguns-460+ Diagrams

Exploded Diagrams Handguns

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We have not duplicated any diagrams from Exploded Gun Diagrams or Exploded Rifle Diagrams on this CD.

Both the CD and Download contains all the gun diagrams listed below.
Note: Not all exploded diagrams may have a parts list accompanying the diagram.

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Sample Diagrams

Glisenti M 1910

A   I
A 1   Inter Arms Dragoon
A 70   Inter Arms R9
A 75   Iver Johnson 50
A 100   Iver Johnson 66
American Arms CX 22   Iver Johnson Top Break
American Arms CZ 380   J
American Arms EP 380   Japan 26
American Arms P 98   Japan 94
American Arms PK 22   K
AMT 3   Kahr E9
AMT 4   Kahr K40
AMT 45 Hardball Combat   Kahr K9
AMT 5   Kahr MK40
AMT Backup   Kahr MK9
AMT Lightning   Kahr P40
AMT Skipper   Kahr P9
Arminex Trifire   Kahr Series K-T
Astra 1916   Kahr Series M-K
Astra 357 AST   Kahr Series P
Astra 400   Kahr Série P-PM
Astra 400 - 600   Kahr T9
Astra A 70   Keltec P11 - 9mm Luger
Astra A 80 DA   Korth 1979
Astra Cadrix   L
Astra Cadrix Revolver   Lahti 40
Astra Camper   Lathi 9mm
Astra Constable Lyll   Liberator
Astra Cub   Liliput 425
Astra Falcon   Limited
Astra Firecat   Llama Martial
Astra NC 6   Llama Maxi
Astra Ordnance 1911 A1   Llama Micromax
Astra Revolver 41 - 45   Llama Minimax
Auto-Mag   Luger 1908
B   M
Baikal Izh 35   MAS Lebel 1892
Baikal Izh 46   MAS 1935a
Baikal Izh 53   MAS 1935s
Ballester Molina 45   Makarov
Bayard 1908   Mauser 1910
Beretta 1934   Mauser 1910-35
Beretta 51   Mauser 96
Beretta 70   Mauser C96
Beretta 76   Mauser M2
Beretta 81-84   Mauser Military
Beretta 85B and BB   Mauser MP2
Beretta 87   Mauser Pocket
Beretta 90   Mauser WSC
Beretta 92 F   Mauser WTP
Beretta 92 S   Military PP2
Beretta 92 SB   N
Beretta 948   North American A22S-5 Mini
Beretta 950   O
Beretta M93R-AG Versions 1 & 2   Ortgies Pocket
Beretta Model 20   Ortgies Schmeisser
Bergmann Bayard 1908   P
Bergmann Special   P-08
Bernardelli Model 60   P-1
Bernardelli Model 80   P-38
Bernardelli Model 90   Para Ordnance
Bernardelli Hammerless   Pardini GT
Bernardelli P0 18   Polish P35
Bernardelli VP   R
Bernardelli VB 60   Radom P35
Bersa 223   Remington 51
Bersa 224 225 226   Remington Army New Model
Bersa 644   Remington Pocket New Model
Bersa 83 73   Revolver Italian
BH   Roehm RG88
BH 22   Rossi
Borchardt Autoloading   Rossi Pioneer
Bren Ten Combat   Roth Steyr M 1907
Bren Ten Pocket   Ruger Bearcat
Bren Ten Special Forces   Ruger Blackhawk Old Model
Browning 1900   Ruger Blackhawk New Model
Browning 1907   Ruger GP100
Browning 1910   Ruger Hawkeye
Browning 1935   Ruger MKI
Browning 1935 HP   Ruger Model 6
Browning 25   Ruger P 89
Browning 380 - 32   Ruger Revolver
Browning 380 1968   Ruger Single 6
Browning 380 From 1969-1974   Ruger Single 6 Old Model
Browning AP2   Ruger Single 6 New Model
Browning BDA - AD   Ruger Single Action
Browning BDA 380   Ruger Super-Blackhawk New Model
Browning Buckmarck Varmint   S
Browning Buckmark   SAA 2 ND
Browning Buckmark Silhouette   S&W 41 Magnum
Browning Challenger 3   S&W 422-622-2206-2213-2214
Browning Challenger Medalist   S&W-1913
Browning HP   S&W-22
Browning M 35 HP   S&W-35
Browning Medalist   S&W-5906-TSW
Browning Nomad   S&W-686
Browning Swedish 1907   S&W-99
Bruenner 50-70   S&W-Centennial
Bruenner B 75   S&W-Center-Fire
Bruenner Duo Z   S&W-Escort
Bruenner P 27   S&W-K38
Bruenner TZ   S&W-Metaldao
C   S&W-Metalsada
Charter Arms Bulldog 44   S&W-MP
Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special   S&W-No 1
Charter Arms Bulldog Tracker   S&W-New Departure
Charter Arms Duty   S&W-Over All
Charter Arms Pathfinder   S&W-Revolver
Charter Arms Police Bulldog Undercover   S&W-Sigma
Charter Arms Target Bulldog   Samson
Charter Arms Undercover   Sauer 1930
Colt 380 Government   Sauer 30
Colt 380 LWT   Sauer 38
Colt 380 Mustang   Savage 101
Colt 1st SAA   Savage 1910
Colt 1877 Lightning Thunderer   Sig 209
Colt 1878 DA Frontier   Sig 210
Colt 1889-1892 New Army- Navy DA   Sig 220
Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer 38 ACP   Sig 225
Colt 1911 Series 80   Sig 226
Colt 1911 Series 90   Sig 228
Colt Delta Elite   Sig 229
Colt 22 Short   Sig 230
Colt 2245   Sig 232
Colt 25 Poket   Sig 239
Colt 32-380 Pocket   Sig 245
Colt AA   Sig Newhausen
Colt Anaconda   Sig P 226
Colt Buntline Special   Sig SP2009 / SP2340
Colt Cobra   Single Action Revolver
Colt Combat Delta Lightweight Officers Gold Cup   Sphinx 3000
Colt Commander   Springfield 1911
Colt Commando Diamondback Viper   Star 31PK
Colt Derringer   Star Auto
Colt Detective Special   Star BKM
Colt Detective Special Agent Cobra   Star BSA
Colt Double Action   Star FA
Colt Frontier   Star Firestar Plus
Colt Frontier Scout   Star PD
Colt Frontier Scout & Peacemaker 22   Star Starlite 6-35
Colt Gold Cup   Star Super-B
Colt Gold Cup Mark 3   Star-BM
Colt Gold Cup Mark 4   Steyr 12
Colt Government MK IV Series 70   Steyr 1911
Colt King Cobra   Steyr 1912
Colt Lightning   Steyr 1914
Colt MM   Steyr SP
Colt New Army   Stingray HY Hunter
Colt New Pocket DA   T
Colt New Police DA   Tanfoglio
Colt New Service DA   Tanfoglio Combat
Colt Officier   Tanfoglio Compact
Colt Official Police   Tanfoglio Compact Standard
Colt P   Tanfoglio Force
Colt Pocket   Tanfoglio Force 22LR
Colt Revolver   Tanfoglio Force 99
Colt SAA   Tanfoglio Force 99 Compact
Colt SAA - BP Frame   Tanfoglio Force 99 R Carry
Colt SF   Tanfoglio Force Compact
Colt-SFDS II   Tanfoglio Gold Custom
Colt-SFVI   Tanfoglio Gold Match
Colt SA New Frontier   Tanfoglio GT 27
Colt Trooper Mark 3   Tanfoglio GT 28
Colt trooper Mark 5   Tanfoglio GT 380
Colt Trooper-Lawman Mark 5   Tanfoglio Lady Force
Colt Woodsman   Tanfoglio Standard
Colt-DA   Tanfoglio Witness 1911
Colt 1911 Cylinder Head and Cannon   Taurus-Model-PT111-111TI-132-138-140-145
CZ 27   Taurus-Model-PT24-7-9&24-7-40
CZ 50   Taurus-Model-17-970-971-425-455-460-627
CZ 52   Taurus-Model-17S-66S-217-980-981-44S
CZ 85 Combat   Taurus-Model-415-445-450-617-817UL-606
D   Taurus-Model-444-454-45-480-416
Dan Wesson   Taurus-Model-607-608-44-22H-30-218
Dan Wesson W12   Taurus-Model-65-80-82-431
Dan-Wesson Models 14-2S - 15-2T   Taurus-Model-66-669-689-83-86-96
Desert Eagle AE 50 Magnum   Taurus-Model-73-731UL-85-85UL-605
Dreyse 1907   Taurus-Model-741-94-941-94UL-941UL
E   Thompson 18
EAA A 100   Tokarev 30
EAA A 75   Tokarev 7-62
EAA 380   The French 9mm
EAA SA   The French Pocket
EAA Vindicator   U
EAA Witness A   Uberti 1873 Cattlemansa
EAA Witness P   Uberti 1873 Flattop
Enfield No 1   Uberti Cattlemanbisley
Enfield No 2 Mk1-2   Uzi 9mm
Erma 22 LR   Unique MP
Erma 85A   W
Erma EGP 75S   Walther 1
F   Walther 4
Feinwerkbau AW93   Walther 6
FN 1900   Walther 8
FN 1906   Walther 9
FN 1910-22   Walther Free
FN Baby   Walther GSP
French Model 1935A   Walther GSP 22 Expert
Frommer Stop   Walther GSP 32 Expert
Frommer Stop 2   Walther Olympia
G   Walther OSP
Galesi 22 LR   Walther OSP 2000
Glisenti 1910 A   Walther OSP Old Model
Glisenti M 1910   Walther OSP Old Model
Glock 17   Walther P 22
Glock 17 (slide)   Walther P 5
Glock 29   Walther P 5 Compact
GSP Expert   Walther P 88 Compact
H   Walther P 99
Hammerli 280   Walther PP 22
Hecler-Koch 4   Walther PP 22 Sport
Hecler-Koch P2000   Walther PP 9 Short
Hecler-Koch P4   Walther PP Super
Hecler-Koch P7   Walther TPH
Hecler-Koch P7K3   Webley & Scott
Hecler-Koch P7M8-P7M13   Webley Metropolitan
Hecler-Koch P9S   Weihrauch Arminius
Hecler-Koch PSP 9 Para   Whitney 22
Hecler-Koch Socom   Windicator
Hecler-Koch USP 45   Wintness
Hecler-Koch USP Standard    
Heym Detective    
High Standard Citation    
High Standard D100    
High Standard Duramatic    
High Standard HB    
High Standard Sport King 22LR    
High Standard Supermatic    
High Standard Supermatic Tournament    
High Standard Supermatic Trophy 22LR    
High Standard Victor    
Hunder 380    
Hungarian 1937    
Husqvarna Lahti L35    

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