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G3401 CJCS Guide Operation Just Cause Panama

Both the CD and Download contains all the manuals & books listed below in pdf form PDF files

  • CJCSI 3500.01B Joint Training Policy For The Armed Forces Of The United States
  • The Development Of The Base Force 1989-1992 by Lorna S. Jaffe
  • CJCSI Compendium Of Current CJCS Directives
  • The Small War Manual And Marine Corps military Operations Other Than War Doctrine
  • CJCS Guide 3401B CJCSGuide To The Chairman's Readiness System
  • CJCS Guide 3501 The Joint Training System-A Primer For Senior Leaders
  • CJCS Guide 3500.04 Universal Joint Task List Requirements Document
  • CJCS Guide 5260 Antiterrorism Personal Protection Guide: A Self Help Guide To Antiterrorism
  • Joint Military Operations Historical Collection
  • JSI 5711.01A Joint Staff Instruction: Action Processing
  • JSM 5701.01B Formats And Procedures For Development Of CJCS, Joint Staff, And J-Directorate Directives
  • JSM 5711.01B Joint Staff Correspondence Preparation
  • Joint History Office Operation Just Cause Panama
  • CJSM 1600.01 Joint Manpower Program Procedures
  • CJSM 3113.01A Theater Engagement Planning
  • CJCSM 3141.01A Procedures For the Review Of Operation Plans
  • CJCSM 3150.01A Joint Reproting Structure General Instructions
  • CJCSM 3150.05B Joint Reporting Structure (JRS) Situation Monitoring Manual
  • CJCSM 3150.07B Joint Reporting Structure Communications Status
  • CJCSM 3150.13 Joint Reporting Structure-Personnel Manual
  • CJCSM 3150.14A Joint Reporting Structure Logistics
  • CJCSM 3150.23B Joint Reporting Structure (JRS) Logistics Factors Report
  • CJCSM 3170.01A Operations Of The Joint Capabilities Integration And Development System
  • CJCSM 3320.01A Joint Operations In The Electromagnetic Battle Space
  • CJCSM 3320.02 Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR) Procedures
  • CJCSM 3500.03A Joint Training Manual For The Armed Forces Of The United States
  • CJCSM 3500.04C Universal Joint Task List (UJTL)
  • CJCSM 3500.05A Joint Task Force Headquarters Master Training Guide
  • CJCSM 5002.01A Meeting In The JCS Conference Room
  • CJCSM 5712.01B Standards For Visual Aids Used In The Joint Staff
  • CJCSM 5760.01 Vol.1 Joint Staff And Combatant Command Records Management Manual-Volume 1:Procedures
  • CJCSM 5760.01 Vol.2 Joint Staff And Combatant Command Records Management Manual-Volume 2:Disposition Schedule
  • CJCSM 6721.01A Global Command And Control System-Joint (GCCS-J) Functional Requirements Evaluation Procedures
  • MCM 0006-02 Updated Procedures For Deployment Health Surveillance And Readiness
  • CJCS PC Antiterrorism Individual Protective Measures
  • Joint History Office The History Of The Unified Command Plan 1946-1993
  • Joint History Office Operation Urgent Fury Grenada

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