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Air Force Course
Public Health Journeyman

All the manuals listed below are included in this download. In this course, you will study the building blocks of our career field. Volume 1 gives you the basics of Public Health. In Volume 2, you will study the principles of epidemiology and the control of communicable diseases. There will also be a unit on medical entomology. Volume 3 deals with the Occupational Health Program. It covers everything from hazards and shop evaluations to the hearing conservation and fetal protection programs. In Volume 4, the topic changes to food inspection. It covers food technology, food procurement, the receipt and surveillance inspection programs, and facility sanitation. The focus is on the basics of facility inspections and critical inspection items as defined in the FDA Food Code. The final volume, Volume 5, explains our role in contingency operations. It gives historical scenarios and areas to consider in developing plans to respond both to peacetime disasters or accidents and to wartime emergencies.

  • CDC 4E051 Vol. 1 Introduction To Public Health
  • CDC 4E051 Vol. 2 Disease Recognition And Control
  • CDC 4E051 Vol. 3 Occupational Health
  • CDC 4E051 Vol. 4 Food Technology And Sanitation Evaluations
  • CDC 4E051 Vol. 5 Contingency Operations