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M-47 Dragon Weapon Guided Missile System

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • TM 9-1425-484-10-HR Hand Receipt Manual Covering Contents Of Components Of End Item (COEI), Basic Issue Items (BII), and Additional Authorization List (AAL) For Dragon Medium Antitank/Assault Weapon System
  • TM 9-1425-484-24 Organizational Sepot Support and General Support Maintenance Manual For:
    Guided Missile Launcher Mount, M175 (NSN 1440-01-030-8438)
    Monitoring Set, Guided Missile System, Training, AN/TSQ-T1 (NSN 6920-00-165-6369)
    Trainer, Launch Effects, Guided Missile, M54 (NSN 6920-00-175-6327)
    Trainer, Handling, Guided Missile Launcher, M57 (NSN 6920-00-339-1042)
    Tracker, Infrared, Guided Missile, SU-36/P (NSN 1430-00-078-8340)
    Test Set, Guided Missile, Infrared Tracker, AN/TSM-114 (NSN 4935-00-124-5585)
    Night Vision Sight, Infrared, AN/TAS-5 (NSN 1430-01-046-9594)
    Test Set Group, Guided Missile, Infrared Tracker, OQ-278/TSM-114 (NSN 4935-01-06309784)
    Adapter, Test, MX10078/G (NSN 4935-01-077-7825)
  • TM 9-1425-484-10 Operator's Manual For Dragon Weapon Guided Missile System, Surface Attack: M47 (Medium Antitank/Assault Weapon System)
  • FM 3-23.24M47 Dragon Medium Antitank Weapon System
  • FM 23-34 TOW Weapons Systems