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Air Defense Artillery

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • FM 3-01.7 Air Defense Artillery Brigade Operations
  • FM 3-01.11 Air Defense Artillery Reference Handbook
  • FM 3-01.16 TMD IPB-Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures For Theater Missile Defense Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlespace
  • FM 3-01.20 JAOC/AADC Coordination-Multiservice Procedures For Joint Air Operations Center (JOAC) and Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMD) Coordination
  • FM 3-01.48 Divisional Air And Missile Defense Sentinel Platoon Operations
  • FM 3-01.85 Patriot Battalion And Battery Operations
  • FM 44-8 Combined Arms For Air Defense
  • FM 44-18 Air Defense Artillery Employment: Stinger
  • FM 44-18-1 Stinger Team Operations
  • FM 44-43 The Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Platoon And Squad Operations
  • FM 44-44 Avenger Platoon Section And Squad Operations
  • FM 44-80 Visual Aircraft Recognition
  • FM 44-94 Army Air And Missil Defense Operations
  • FM 44-100 U.S. Army Air And Missile Defense Operations
  • FM 90-43 JTMTD-Multiservice Procedures For Joint Theater Missile Target Developement
  • FM 100-12 Army Theater Missile Defense Operations
  • FM 100-103-2 TAGS-Multiservice Procedures For The Theater Air-Ground System