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Army Decontamination and Procedures

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • Subcourse CM2300 Operational and Thorough Decontamination Operations
  • Subcourse CM2506 US Army Chemical School NBC Decontamination Concepts
  • FM 3-5/MCWP 3-37.3 NBC Decontamination
  • FM 3-5/MCWP 3-37.3 NBC Decontamination Change 1
  • FM 3-05.132 Army Special Operations Forces Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations
  • GTA 03-05-015 Chemical Protection and Decontamination
  • GTA 43-01-066 M12A1 Decontamination Equipment Hot Weather/Desert Operation
  • GTA 43-01-069 M17, M17A1, M17A2, M17A3 Decontamination Equipment Hot Weather/Desert Operation
  • US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Research (USAMRICD) Medical Management Of Chemical Casualties Handbook
  • ORNL/TM 13649 Compilation Of Existing Chemical Agent Guidelines Table As Of September 1997
  • US Army Alaska Regulation 750-2 Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Equipment Supply and Maintenance
  • TM 3-6665-319-10 Operator's Manual Water Testing Kit, Chemical Agents: M272 (NSN 6665-01-134-0885)
  • TM 3-6665-321-12&P/TO 11H2-23-1/MC 10434A-12&P/Navy EE168-DB-)MP-010 Operator's and Unit Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List) For Alarm, Chemical Agent, Automatic: M22 (NSN 6665-01-438-6963)
  • TM 3-4230-229-10/SS010-AA-MMO-010/TO 11D1-1-131/TM 4230-10/1Operator's Manual Decontaminating Kit, Skin: M291
  • TM 3-4230-235-10 Operator's Manual For Decontamination Kit, Individual Equipment: M295 (NSN 6850-01-357-8456) (EIC Y67)
  • TM 3-4230-236-10/TO 11D1-3-12-1/TM 10755A-10 Operator's Manual For Decontamination System, Sorbent: M100 (NSN 4230-01-466-9095)
  • TM 3-4230-237-10Operator's Manual For Decontaminating Apparatus: Diesel Engine-Driven (DED), Skid-Mounted, 500-Gallon, M12A1 (NSN 4230-01-502-7224) (EIC 5FB)
  • TM 3-4240-346-10 Operator's Manual For Chemical-Biological: Field, M40A1-Combat Vehicle, M42A2
  • TM 3-4240-264-12 Operator's and Organization Maintenance Manual Shelter System, Collective Protection, Chemical-Biological: Inflatable Trailer-Transported, M51 (NSN 4240-00-854-4144)
  • TM 3-4240-279-10 Operator's Mask For Mask, Chemical-Biological: Field ABC-M17, M17A1, M17A2
  • TM 3-4240-339-10 Operator's Manual For Chemical-Biological Mask: Field, M40, M40A1
  • TM 9-1300-275/1/MCTM 1300-30 Technical Escort Movement Procedures
  • TM 9-1300-275/2/MCTM 1300-30/2 Technical Escort Movement Information On Chemical Agents and Decontaminating Procedures
  • TM 43-0001-26-1 Army Equipment Data Sheets - Chemical Defense Equipment
  • TM 3400-15 Principle Technical Characteristics Of U.S. Marine Corps Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Systems Equipment
  • Air Force Handbook 32-4014 Vol. 3 USAF Operations In A Chemical and Biological (CB) Warfare Environment, Defense Equipment
  • Decontamination In The Aftermath Of A Radiological Attack