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Army Training - Chaplain

Army Training - Chaplain Training Manuals download.

  • Subcourse CH0605 Chaplain Assistance Support To Military Parish Programs
  • Subcourse CH0812 Develope A Battalion Religious Program and Perform Ministry With Other Chaplains
  • Subcourse CH0816 Physical Setup For Religious Services In Garrison 1
  • Subcourse CH0817 Unit Ministry Team Role In Suicide Prevention
  • Subcourse CH0818 UMT Strageties For Soldier Visitation Program
  • Subcourse CH0820 Physical Set Up For Religious Events In Garrison 2
  • Subcourse CH0824 Safeguard An Offering
  • Subcourse CH0827 Unit Ministry Team Mobilization Planning I
  • Subcourse CH0828 Unit Ministry Team Mobilization Planning II
  • TC 1-05 Religious Support Handbook For The Unit Ministry Team