Downloads Refund Policy


Digital products are wonderful! As a consumer, you have the convenience of immediate delivery and immediate use. No postal or courier delays. No warehouse backorders. This changed nature of product form and delivery means that eMilitary Manuals does not offer refunds or exchanges because there is no physical product to return. All of our download product descriptions are plainly and clearly described. If a download does not have a manual or set of manuals on it, do not order and then resquest a refund because of missing manuals. There is NO REFUND if the item is received by a successful download. If you have a download problem or need help viewing or using our products, we'll help you as much as possible. You can contact us at the link above.

Due to the growing abuse of credit and debit cards we have the following policy. If a chargeback is filed against eMilitary Manuals, that can be shown to be unjustified, the customer is responsible for reimbursement to eMilitary Manuals for any non-refundable chargeback charges incurred by eMilitary Manuals on downloaded products.

Please note: eMilitary Manuals only supports our products and not the application in which they are being used. We do not support Microsoft, Adobe or any other products. Please see their respective help areas for application support.