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Exploded Diagrams Blackpowder Rifles

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.
Note: Not all exploded diagrams may have a parts list accompanying the diagram.

An IX Corrige
An IX Mousquet Dragon 1777
1798 Austrian Musket
Bristlen Morges Waadtlaender
Bristlen Swiss (Parts List German)
Brown Bess, Pedersoli (Parts List German)
Brown Bess
Buckskinner Rifle (Parts List)
1766 Charleville Musket
1777 Corrige AN IX
Carchasseur 1846-1859
Chambersburg Pennsylvania
Chassepot Gras (Parts List French)
Country Boy
Country Hunter
Davy Crockett Rifle (Parts List)
Deerhunter Rifle Rifle (Parts List)
Diopter & Tunnel-Long & Middle Range Silhouette
Double Cannon Choke Cal. 12
Double Canon Cal. 10 Choke
Double Canon Cal. 10 Side By Side
Double Canon Cal. 10 Pistol
Double Canon Cal. 12
Double Canon Cal. 20
Fowler Shotgun (Parts List)
Frontier Carabine
Frontier DeLuxe
Frontier Mountain BigBore (Parts List German)
Gamma System In Line
Hawken Match Rifle (Parts List)
Hawken Rifle (Parts List)
Hawken Woodsman Rifle (Parts List)
Hawken Rifle Investarm
Kentucky Alamo Pennsyvania
Kentucky Rifle and Pistol (Parts List German)
Kentucky Rifle (Parts List)
Kodiak Express Combo
Kodiak Mark IV
Mortimer Mortimer Target
Mortimer Percussion Calibre 12
Mortimer Silex Calibre 12
Mortimer Vetterli
Mortimer Whitworth
Musket Austrian 1798
Musket Charleville 1766
Musket Prussian 1809
Musket Springfield 1816
Musket Springfield 1848
Pedersoli-Sharps Sporting 1863 Paper Cartridges
Pedersoli Plainsman
Pennsylvania Carbine (Parts List)
Pennsylvania Rifle (Parts List)
Pennsylvania Dixie & Cub Dixie
Pennsylvania Scout
Plainsman (Parts List German)
1809 Prussian Musket
Remington Rolling Block Pedersoli
Revolutionary Percussion 1777
Revolutionary Silex 1777
Rolling Block Carbine Baby
Rolling Block Carbine
Rolling Block Cavalry
Rolling Block Infantry
Rolling Block Long Range Creedmore
Rolling Block Sporting
Rolling Block Super Match
Rolling Block Target
Rolling Block
Sharps Berdan Rifle
Sharps Cavalry Carbine 1859
Sharps Cavalry Carbine 1863
Sharps Cavalry Carbine 1874
Sharps Cavalry Civilian 1874
Sharps Fallblock
Sharps Gemmer
Sharps Infantry Rifle 1859
Sharps Infantry Rifle 1874
Sharps Long Range Rifle 1874
Sharps Quigley Sporting Rifle
Sharps Schuetzer Rifle 1874
Sharps Silhouette Rifle 1874
Sharps Sniper Rifle
Sharps Sporting Rifle 1859-1863
Sharps Sporting Rifle 1874
Sharps Target Rifle 1874
Shenandoah Rifle ARDESA, S.A.
Springfield 1861
Springfield 1861-Details
Springfield 1863
Springfield 1873
Springfield Musket 1816
Springfield Musket 1848
Springfield Trapdoor Carbine
Springfield Trapdoor Long Range Rifle
Springfield Trapdoor Officer
Springfield Trapdoor
Swivel Barrel
Tryon Creedmore
Tyron Pedersoli
Tyron Pedersoli-Details
Underhammer Rifle ARDESA, S.A.
Underhammer 100mts rifle ARDESA, S.A.
Wuerttembergisch Rifle 1857