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History of the Gun

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • The American Shotgun his classic covers shotguns and shooting techniques. History, ammunition, handloading and the principles and terms of wingshooting are explained.
  • The Book Of Rifles An encyclopedic reference book with over 2000 illustrations.
  • A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms How to load, operate, disassemble, assemble American, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and other military small arms.
  • Our Rifles Profusely illustrated with many photos, Includes Sporting Rifles (Flint Lock, Cap Lock, Metallic Cartridge); Rifled Carbines; Present Manufacturers; The Interested Rifleman; Making Rifles the Modern Way; Directory of American Rifle Makers, 1800 to 1919.
  • Shooting To Live Covers practical experience with the handgun. Hundreds of incidents provided the basis for the first true book on life or death shootouts with the pistol. Shooting To Live teaches all concepts, considerations and applications of combat pistolcraft. This all time classic book on combat pistol shooting is a must for the serious shooter.
  • The Story Of Guns Published in 1864, this is an in depth examination of rifled firearms and artillery of that period and details the development of advances in being presented at that time.