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The Complete M1 Garand

This download has 8 repair and maintenance manuals for the M1 Garand rifle also known as the Rifle Caliber .30, M1. It is a semi-automatic rifle that is chambered for the 30-06 caliber Springfield rifle cartridge. It replaced the M1903 Springfield in 1936.

  • TM 9-1276/TO 39A-5AD-2 Cal. 30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2 and M3
  • The Fighting Garand
  • FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Carbine .30 M1
  • M1 Carbine Owners Manual Historical Background, Description and Data, Mechanical Training, Inspection, Repair and Rebuild
  • TM 9-1005-222-12 (M1, M1C, M1D) Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual
  • M-14 Rifle Accurization (Also Applicable To M1A Rifles)- United States Army Marksmanship Unit (Guide To National Match Accurizing As Performed By U.S. Army Shooting Team Gunsmiths
  • TM 9-1005-222-35 Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, M1C (Sniper's) and M1D (Sniper's) - DS, GS and Depot Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists
  • M1 Garand Troubleshooting Guide