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Navy Aerographer's Mate

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Aerographer's Mates (AG) collect, measure, and analyze the elements of the physical environment (land, sea, air, space) and land/sea interface; synthesize a vast array of oceanographic and meteorological data and in situ observations and measurements to produce forecasts and warnings in support of safety of flight and navigation, as well as Naval/Joint Operations and missions; demonstrate expertise in Hydrography, Geospatial Information and Services (GIS), datum issues, and Tactical Decision Aids (TDA); combine knowledge of the operating environment with a thorough understanding of warfighting capabilities to assess and predict environmental impacts to friendly and enemy platforms, sensors, and weapon systems; develop actionable recommendations to tactics, techniques, and procedures that fully exploit environmental parameters, mitigate risk, and enable decision superiority across all warfighting areas and strategic and enabling capabilities; and distribute data internally and externally to aircraft, ships, and shore activities via communication devices/web-centric architecture, or on-scene in direct support of afloat units, fleet/joint staffs, or combatant/operational commanders.

1 & C

Module 1-Surface Weather Opservations

Module 2-Miscellaneous Observations and Codes

Module 3-Environmental Satellites and Weather Radar

Module 4-Environmental Communications and Administration

Module 5-Basic Meteorology