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Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Aviation Structural Mechanics (AM) maintain aircraft airframe and structural components, flight surfaces and controls, hydraulic and pneumatic control and actuating systems and mechanisms, landing gear systems, and other utility systems; fabricate and repair metallic and nonmetallic materials; supervise operation of airframe work centers; maintain aircraft metallic and non-metallic structures including fuselages, fixed and moveable flight surfaces, tail booms, doors, panels, decks, empennages, and seats (except ejection seats), flight controls and related mechanisms, hydraulic power storage and distribution systems including main (primary and secondary), auxiliary (utility), and emergency systems, hydraulic actuating subsystems, landing gear systems including wheels and tires, brakes, and emergency systems, pneumatic power, storage and distribution systems, hoists and winches, wing and tail fold systems, launch and arresting gear systems, hydraulic component repair and test; perform aircraft daily, special, hourly, and conditional inspections.

Aviation Structural Mechanic E 1 & C

Aviation Structural Mechanic E 2

Aviation Structural Mechanic (H&C) 3 & 2