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Navy Builder

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Builder 3 & 2, Vol. 1

A basic book that should be mastered by those seeking advancement to Builder Third Class and Builder Second Class. The major topic addressed in this book include construction Administration and safety; drawings and specifications; woodworking tools, materials and methods of woodworking; fiber line, wire rope, and scaffolding; leveling and grading; concrete; placing concrete; masonry; and planning, estimating and scheduling.


Builder 3 & 2, Vol. 2

Continues where Volume 1 ends. The topics covered in Volume 2 include floor and wall construction; roof framing; exterior and interior finishing; plastering, stuccoing, and ceramic tile; paints and preservatives; advanced base field structures; and heavy construction.


Builder Advanced

An advanced book containing material that should be mastered by personel in the Builder rating perparing for advancement to Builder First Class. The topics covered in this TRAMAN include the folloeing: technical administration; planning, estamating, and scheduling; concrete construction; masonry construction; shop organization and millworking; quality conreol; maintenance inspections; heavy construction; and advanced base function components field structures.