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Navy Interior Communications Electrician

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Interior Communications Electrician, Volume 1

Provides information on the following topics: electrical and general safety precautions; switches, protection devices, and cables; power distribution, IC switchboards, and controllers; gyrocompass systems; sound-powered telephone system; automatic dial telephone systems; amplified voice systems; ship's entertainment systems; alarm, safety, and warning systems; ship's order indicating and metering systems; and auxiliary electrical equipment.


Interior Communications Electrician, Volume 2

Provides information in the following areas: manual bus transfers, motor controllers, and frequency regulators; anemometer systems; the stabilized glide slope (SGSI) system; and technical administration.


Interior Communications Electrician, Volume 3

Provides information in the following subject matter areas: technical administration and supervision; quality assurance program and procedures; ships' drawing and diagrams; and standard maintenance procedures.