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Navy Utilitiesman

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Utilitiesman Basic-Volume 1

Utilitiesman Basic, Volume 1, NAVEDTRA 11019, is an eight chapter training manual (TRAMAN). This TRAMAN, along with its companion nonresidenttraining course (NRTC), which is included in the volume, forms a self-studypackage that will greatly aid students in full filling the requirements foradvancement.


Utilitiesman Basic-Volume 2

This TRAMAN/NRTC consists of 7 chapters that cover boilers, boiler maintenance, boiler water treatment and cleaning, steam distribution systems, heating systems, galley equipment, laundry equipment, refrigeration, and air conditioning.


Utilitiesman (Advanced)

Provides information pertaining to blueprint reading and technical drawings; planning, estimating, and scheduling; planning plumbing projects; fire protection systems; water treatment and purification; sewage treatment and disposal; compressed air systems; boilers; duct and ventilation systems, air conditioning and refrigeration; and environmental pollution control.