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Navy Yeoman

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.


Covers material on the following subjects: the Navy Yeoman, education advancement, career opportunities, assignments, retention, administrative procedures, forms, reports, control records disposal, personnel support, manpower authorization, travel, security, legal, and separations.


Yeoman Basic

Covers the following subjects: the Navy Yeoman, official publications and directives, correspondence/message system, processing correspondence/messages, correspondence/message files and disposal, directives issuance system, reports and forms management programs, security, legal, awards, officer distribution control report (ODCR), officer service records, travel, leave procedures, pay and allowances, and technical administration.


Navy Enlisted Occupational Standard For YEOMAN (YN)

Yeomen (YN) perform clerical and personnel security and general administrative duties, including typing and filing; prepare and route correspondence and reports; maintain records, publications, and service records; counsel office personnel on administrative matters; perform administrative support for shipboard legal proceedings and maintain shipboard legal files; conduct reporting/detaching and required retention related interviews; prepare and maintain personnel security documents and perform other personnel related functions; and serve as office managers.